"Popular food brand aspiring to cater to Tamil kitchens across the globe! Jeyyam stands for Tradition, Taste and above all Trust!"


Who We Are

We are a food products manufacturing company, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of pulses manufacturing, especially Fried Gram (வறுகடலை / பொரிகடலை) and other dhall verities.

Based out of Salem in Tamilnadu, we also make a variety of food products especially appealing to tamil kitchen recipes. Constant innovation combined with modernized upgrading for efficient process flow, has kept us ahead of our competitors. We believe in not just customer satisfaction but admiration

Our Process

What We Do

Jeyyam produces the finest quality nutrition rich pulses and value added products in the Ready to Cook (RTC) and Ready to Eat (RTE) varieties, adding taste to the consumer’s food palette.At Jeyyam, we believe that true strength lies in top class manufacture of raw materials and we let our products speak for itself. Our best in class fried gram and gram flour are made with handpicked raw materials sourced from all over the world, in the most modern, integrated factory.

True to its name, Jeyyam adheres to traditional south Indian cooking styles and blends in as an everyday ingredient for wholesome food making experience.