“At Jeyyam, we believe in innovation and consistency to keep traditional South Indian cuisine alive”



To be the most admired business group offering food products known for quality and taste!



Efficient business: To have profitability as a basis for all our business plans. We believe growth without profits in the long run may not serve the needs of stakeholders and ultimately may not sustain the business.

Ethical conduct: To operate on high ethical standards to ensure honesty in every step of its products’ manufacturing and processing and comply thoroughly with statutory norms wherever required.

Employee friendliness: To treat employees as primary stake holders and adopt policies and systems to ensure EMPLOYEES FIRST! Besides compliance to statutory norms, we will have employee related polices with long term interest in mind.

Environment awareness: To take utmost care in dealing with environmental issues encountered in all the business processes. Be proactive to ensure no damage to environment while designing new processes and to try and add a positive value to the environment through innovative means.

Social development: To be responsible and continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate and to strive to give back to the society. We believe in creating a better tomorrow by focusing on the various social aspects of our business and contributing our bit to social development.