fried gram

Fried Gram:

Crunchy and freshness sealed, Jeyyam Fried Gram packs premium quality and trusted taste in every homemaker’s kitchen space. Hygienically intact to offer you the finest products, Jeyyam Fried Gram is nutrition-locked and adds that extra special to your everyday dishes.

gram flour

Gram Flour:

Jeyyam Gram Flour is quality packed and finely processed to offer you rich taste and uncompromising standards for a wide range of foods like gravies, curries, sweets, savouries and much more. Now, indulge in healthy South Indian festive food everyday!!

urid dal

Urid Dal:

Nutrilicious and clean, Jeyyam nutri Full Urid Dal gives your breakfast specials like dosas, idlis and South Indian favourites like papads ,vadams, ladoos and other delectable items the mouth watering taste and health friendly benefits in its every use.

sambhar dal

Toor Dal:

Jeyyam nutri Full Sambar Dal is protein rich and handpicked to be manufactured for high quality output. Trusted for its traditional taste and identically shaped produce, Jeyyam Toor Dal packs wholesome goodness for flavor rich Sambar, Rasam, dals and your other daily favourites.