"Product excellence and preserving consumers’ trust for more than 25 years is Jeyyam Group’s mantra for success"

Pioneering Steps in Branding Commodity

The brand carries a rich legacy spanningover more than 30 years; right from the time the family entered fried gram business to the modern food processing plant at Devittipatty. While it was just a commodity business in the beginning, the later generations have made progress to make a successful shift from commodity trading to branded food business.

The processes they introduced in making dhall varieties had several innovative ideas. These steps not only were pioneering, but also ensured a consistent quality product despite input variations which is very common in commodity market.

In the nineties, they did the branding of fried gram, first in this business. They also made the ‘Gundu Sambar Paruppu’ with the nutrients intact. These actions kept them at the leadership position in these segments.

Entering Value Added Food Business

The brand “Jayam” was thus born with a zeal to make unique quality food products. In the late nineties it was called “Jayam” and later when they expanded and decided to enter the value added products, the brand was tweaked and changed to “Jeyyam”.

The brand made an entry into the value added products segment around 2005-2006. The brand was strengthened with fair amount of market visibility.

After a decade they have made another first: largest and most modern plant for Fried gram, Gram flour. Investments have been made to make a new vision for the business; progress into a “food brand” with a range of value added products in the Ready to Cook (RTC) and Ready to Eat (RTE) varieties.